It’s natural for every bride to undergo stress as the wedding draws closer and the things to do pile up. Relax, take a deep breath and keep reading…

A lot can go wrong, and probably will. So there’s no point trying to micromanage everything single detail, aiming for perfection. Remember, part of the fun in planning any event is all that goes wrong, the comedy of errors! Sure, this is your wedding and you want everything just as you imagined, but then, you also don’t want to lose your bridal sleep and glow over it.

It is important to work with your fiancé as a team and cope with all the stress you’ve facing. That said, follow these important tips to get you through your wedding planning days, without reaching your wits’ end:

Jot everything down

And by this, we don’t only mean your to-do list. Along with all the things you have to get done, it might be a good idea to sit and write down all that you’re feeling on a piece of paper. This way you get to assess your feelings and figure out what exactly is triggering the stress. It also helps to avoid flooding all your emotions and feelings at once, something that an impending wedding is bound to do. And of course, by all means, do also make a to do list for every day or week, to keep you on track. Additionally, you can also note down all the tracks you’ve completed to get a sense of accomplishment.

Trust your vendors

You picked your vendors for a reason, because you trusted their abilities. Don’t ruin your hard work of picking the perfect vendor by trying to micromanage all the vendors’ activities. One of the main triggers of stress among brides-to-be is the inexplicable urge to take a look at all the arrangement themselves and make sure it’s okay. But they forget that in the process, they have unnecessarily elongated their to-do list. It is important to let go of small details and trust your vendors’ arrangements to be okay for the final day, or you will always be hassled before the wedding!

Give yourself a break

You’ve been fretting over the flower arrangements all week, but all you really need is a break. For the past few weeks, you’ve been dreaming, sleeping, talking and worrying only about wedding planning. Give yourself some much deserved time off. Meditate in peace and try to think of positive things and all the wonderful things to follow after the wedding. Go away on a weekend with your girls (with strictly no wedding talk), or holiday on your own if need be. Try and maintain a regular workout schedule to rejuvenate your mind and body every now and then. Do whatever it takes to restore your peace of mind and then continue, so you don’t wear yourself out before the big day.
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Keep in close touch with your fiancé

It’s easy to lose touch with the natural camaraderie you share with your fiance, with all the wedding stress bringing you down. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you both spend quality time together, not discussing wedding prep for a while. Don’t skip out on date nights and those cozy intimate dinners, just because you are planning the wedding. Also, if you do have any pressing concerns about the wedding that you think he can help with, be sure to tell him about it.
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Always keep the big picture in mind

All said and done, don’t forget what this day really means to you. It doesn’t mean picking the perfect dress. It doesn’t mean having the best starters for the guests, or the most expensive DJ. This day, really, is to commemorate your togetherness with your groom-to-be and to start a very special journey together. It is about love, caring, commitment and marrying your soulmate. Never let yourself forget that!
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Plan systematically

Most of your wedding stress stems from the fact that you do not have an organized system for yourself. Make use of tools such as guest manager, checklist, and budget calculator, to help you plan faster and more efficiently. The additional benefit of these tools is that they help you collaborate effortlessly with your fiance, friends and family, thus saving you a lot of communication mishaps.

Know that people are there to help you

You may be a control freak but this is not the time to let this mania get the better of you. Delegate tasks as far as possible. Allow your friends and family to help you whenever you think they can. Stop obsessing with things being done a certain way, and let your loved ones pitch in sometimes. Besides, delegating tasks will give the much needed space and break from wedding planning.