Wedding ice sculptures are a rage, and if you’re thinking of getting one for your own wedding, good call. Ice sculptures do wonders for your wedding décor and the new designs that talented ice sculptors are rolling out are sure to blow your mind.

Ice sculptures are the perfect to enhance your wedding décor. They can be classy and understated, or bold and fun, depending on what you want your wedding to be. You could have a plain ice sculpture or one with colored lightning that looks even more amazing. Get a resplendent looking swan ice sculpture or a stylish ice bar. No matter you desire, ice sculptors can make ‘em all! Certain points should be kept in mind though. Ice sculptures are best displayed for 6 hours, and untouched displays could last as long as twelve hours. You also have to give your sculptor about an hour and a half for set up. Ask your vendor for further precautions and instructions and you’re good to go!

Now for the ideas, get ready to dazzle your guests with these breathtaking displays:

Bottle Holder Ice Sculpture



Who said ice sculptures were mere show pieces? They can just as well be put to use as bottle holders, cake stands and flower vases. It is the perfect combination of utility, style and creativity!

Bar Ice Sculpture

Yes, you read that right. Taking the bottle holder ice sculpture several notches higher is an ice bar. Yes, a fully functional ice sculpture with frozen flowers and colored lights that will blow your guests’ mind! Take your venue and budget into consideration before zeroing on an ice bar.

Hearts & Birds Ice Sculpture


A popular staple at weddings, ice sculptures with hearts, swans and doves are the perfect symbols of monogamy and love. These ice sculptures ideal for a red and white themed wedding.

Ice Centre Piece


These sculptures come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs depending on your individual taste and style. You can go for a large centerpiece that lend a lavish look and will be the focal point of all attention, or a smaller one with more intricate carvings, that is subtle and classy.

Themed Ice Sculptures

Think horror, sci-fi and superheroes. Ice sculptures can also be customized as per your theme. So if your wedding theme is any of the former, consider getting a clawed hand, Bat mobile or frozen Dalek ice sculpture. Having a fairy tale wedding? Get a castle! Or a mask for a Mardi Gras themed wedding. Whatever be your theme just let the sculptor know and he will work his magic!