Everyone wants their wedding day to be special. Fancy floral arrangements, your favorite band playing as you swoon with your beloved, a sumptuous spread of entrees, and everyone gushing about how gorgeous the two of you look! But not everyone may have a lavish budget to spend on it. So what do you? You can’t let that take your dream wedding from you. Besides, always remember, your wedding is about celebrating the beginning of your marriage, not spending buckets of money.

Here’s how can put together a classic wedding, albeit with a tight budget:

Decide your priorities and focus on them


What are the things that absolutely “have” to be part of your wedding? The things you cannot imagine your dream wedding without? Sit down with your partner and decide on what’s most important to both of you, and what you can skip on. Are you hell bent on having a particular band play at your wedding? Or is it the food and drinks that have to be to-of-the-line? Allocate money to your priorities, and then proceed to cost-cutting on the other arrangements. 

Skip the live entertainment, be your own DJ


Music is an important part of weddings, but you don’t necessarily have to splurge on a reputed band or musician for your guests to enjoy the sangeet. Even calling a popular DJ might overshoot your budget. Simply download a good music streaming service and be your own DJ. Hire speakers and music system for a day and you’re good to go! If you simply must have live entertainment, you could also opt for a local band instead of a five-piece band. 

Plan digitally, and delegate tasks to family


Hiring an actual wedding planner is not only expensive but also increasingly inconvenient. With digital platforms such as Planshaadi offering everything from vendor directories to budget and guest list planners, it is definitely the way to go to save on some precious time and money. What’s more, you can effortlessly collaborate with family and friends digitally and allocate them respective. As far as keeping up with wedding trends is concerned, you can always check out blogs and search Pinterest boards!

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Say yes to Used & DIY 

Let’s be realistic. How many times do you think a bride wears her wedding dress? That’s right, once. So it’s perfectly okay for you to raid thrift shops for second-hand wedding dresses. Most wedding items are used only once, so be sure to check out community bulletin boards and specialty consignment shops to buy vases, votives and candles. And well, making your own invitation gifts, centerpieces, champagne flutes and wedding favors, is exactly how you make wedding planning more fun. If your sister or friend is a great make-up artist, make use of her talents and also that of the uncle who has a penchant for photography.

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Save big on flowers


While flowers and décor increase the grandeur of your wedding, they increase your expenses all the same, by a lot more than you think. Give less conventional touches to the tables with branches or berries instead of orchids. Enlist the services of a friend with a passion for floral arrangements instead of hiring a professional florist.  You can also use fruits and vegetables to fill out your arrangements to give a colorful appearance at half the cost. 

Choose your food wisely 


For most people, the food is always the soul of the wedding. If you’re on a tight budget though, you may want to be a little creative and less conventional with your menu. Order seasonal and local items that are affordable, and cut back on the hors d’oeuvres. You may also consider skipping a full meal and offering only brunch or desserts at the reception. A buffet instead of sit down dinner may be more economical for some. Do a thorough cost comparison for the different options and then take a decision. 

Find an unusual wedding venue, and time your wedding right


The wedding venue makes up a major chunk of your budget, but if you are not stuck on a particular banquet or hotel, you may as well be able to afford a grand wedding at a less conventional venue. Scout around for public spaces such as parks, aquariums and historical sites. The fees of such places are not high and also provide for a unique ambience. If it is more economical, you could also rent a vacation home and have all functions at the same place. Choose the day of your wedding carefully, preferably a weekday and have all functions in the same place to save multiple site fees and transport for the guests. 

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Cut down on the bar tab


Instead of a full open bar, you can opt for serving beer and red and white wines. Buy your drinks from a local vineyard or microbrewery to ensure it’s cheaper. Have nonalcoholic drinks at hand, such as fresh lemonade with colorful wedges of lemon, lime and orange. If liquor brands mean a lot to you, offer a couple of them and close the bar early to save up. 

Say no to gimmicky photography


Photography is another essential at a wedding as it helps secure all memories of your special day, and you can hardly hand over such a responsibility to an amateur. But if you do happen to know a budding photographer with top notch quality of work, then hire him by all means. Skip the Save-the-Dates and special wedding movie shoots and stick to the basics.

Image courtesy: JD Photo Studios

Skip the huge wedding cake

While you may be tempted to order a huge chandelier cake from your best friend’s baker, consider the costs it will pile on. Consider ordering cupcakes or have a dessert buffet, instead of a huge wedding cake. Order fruit fillings that are seasonal. If you simply must have a wedding cake, order a small one and limit your cake flavors to cut down additional costs.  

Image courtesy: Chocolate Fountain Canada

With some clever planning and creativity, you can not only have your dream wedding but also have a ton of fun putting everything together. All said and done, you will be just as “married” as the couple who spent $400,000 on their wedding!