While wedding cakes were not traditionally a part of Indian weddings, they have been part of Indian Weddings for decades in the Western world. Fancy cakes with an Indian twist can be a great addition to your wedding. You can opt for a cake guided by the theme of your wedding. So, a deep purple wedding cake would be great for a lavender-themed wedding. The wedding cake business is an art form and a variety of cakes with intricate designs and floral patterns are available. Anything and everything can inspire your wedding cake – the beautiful molding at your ballroom venue, your favorite color combination, or your favorite sport! Be sure to order a cake large enough as per your guest list. You could also order a small wedding cake and have your wedding cake designer make individual mini wedding cakes to distribute among guests.

Here is a roundup of the most creative wedding cakes for you to choose from:

Chandelier-style Cakes


If you too are going gaga over Kaley Couco’s over-the-top upside-down chandelier wedding cake, this one’s definitely for you. A product of clever engineering, custom rigging and sandbags, the chandelier cake is many a bride’s fantasy. Though an upside down hanging cake sounds mind boggling, this is how it basically goes – cake makers first start with a wood base covered in fondant that matches the design and color of the cake. Next, a wooden dowel that is one inch longer than the length of the cake is screwed in. A Masonite board with a hole in the center is what each tier is placed on. The tiers are then suspended from a veranda flower stand with a hook. If you don’t literally want a chandelier cake, you can simply have a three-tiered cake that looks like a chandelier, it looks almost as stunning!

Floral Cakes


A classic at weddings, floral cakes are a great option for your reception. They are elegant and available in various styles and designs. Although popular in soft, light tones, you can also have a floral cake in bright colors such as red and blue. You can have floral patterned icing or even edible flowers adorning your cake. It is also common real flowers to decorate the cake.

Black and White Cakes

Wedding cakes are mostly light colored but if you want to add a dash of sophistication to your monochrome wedding, you can always opt for a black and white cake. They are not only beautiful to look at; they can easily fit into any wedding theme. Moreover, your wedding will also be talked about for its very unique and elegant wedding cake!

Bride & Groom Cakes


While cakes that are topped with the initials of the couple are mighty popular, how about a more creative topping? The latest fad seems to be two to three-tier wedding cakes that are topped with caricatures of the couple. It takes a talented wedding cake designer to come up with the perfect caricature and also replicate it on the cake. Rest assured, your wedding cake is sure to become an inspiration for all your guests.

Personalized Cakes

When all aspects of your wedding can be personalized, why not your cake? With enough thought, you can come up with a perfectly personalized wedding cake that reflects the two of you as a couple. Think of things that are important to both of you – your favorite movie, sport, book, city, you get the picture.  Be creative and explain your preferences clearly to your cake maker.

Cakes with a Message


A great way to let your partner know how special they are, this one can be done by either the bride or groom as a surprise. Pick a simple design for the cake and a good color combination, so the message is clearly visible. It goes without saying of course that it should be short and crisp. Wait and watch how your partner’s face lights up when he/she sees it!

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Photo credits: Cakes by Roma