Mehndi is an important part of the quintessential Indian wedding. It makes your hands and feet look even more beautiful. Mehndi is believed to ward off evil, and we all have heard that if your color comes out to be very dark, you will have a doting husband. Thus, most girls try to keep the mehndi for as long as possible to get a strong, dark color. It is also customary to hide your husband’s name in the mehndi design.
While traditions and customs are great, it is important to keep in mind a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to applying mehndi. Be careful to use 100% pure mehndi or henna, which gives an orange, burgundy, brown or coffee color. Black mehndi, though popular, is best avoided for brides.  If you want your mehndi to last longer, apply a natural mix of lemon juice and sugar on it. Avoid using camphor or white flour that most mehndi artists add to the henna to get a darker color. 

Here are some important points to keep in mind regarding mehndi application. Read on to find out the top 5 bridal mehndi designs …

Intricate Designs


Are you in love with intricate patterns that completely fill your hands and fingers? It may be perfect for you to get mehndi designs with delicate details on your hands and feet. What makes these designs so attractive is the attention to detail and how pretty they make your hands look. The diagonal lace and floral patterns form a major part of your design.  Intricate designs are great for brides and add to the glamour of the bridal outfit. 

Arabic Designs


These designs are classics in their own right and are some of the most elegant mehndi designs to choose from. The design uses large motifs that cover parts of your hand. In the gaps, there are tiny dots and flowers. The beauty of the design makes your hands look dainty and sophisticated. This design is perfect for brides who like intricate designs, but not ones that fill the entire hand. 

Mehndi with Glitter and Shimmer


If you are a bride that wants to do something other than traditional mehndi designs, then you can always add some more jazz to it. Add some golden or silver glitter to your mehndi; match it with your wedding lehenga. Create an outline of the design with henna and use the glitter to fill the gaps. You can also stick colorful stones on it to make it look more colorful. Your mehndi is sure to become a talking point at the wedding!

Mehndi with Unique Motifs and Patterns


Get a little more creative with your designs and use different patterns and motifs on each finger. Traditional symbols of love such as peacocks and swans can be incorporated in the designs. A number of designs also include the sun, which symbolizes ‘Awakening the inner light’. You can also opt for designs showing the bride and groom or the wedding party. Be as imaginative as possible, when it comes to choosing symbols and patterns.

Paisley Designs


Paisley is one of the easiest designs to learn and also one of the most commonly used. It comprises of various ‘butas’ or twisted droplet shaped motifs of Persian origin. In many cultures, it is widely incorporated in paintings, shawls, quilts, carpets and pottery. Brides that want to opt for traditionally popular patterns can always apply paisley deigns. 

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