Yes, that’s right! Because looking like a million bucks on your wedding day is not your bride’s job alone! You’re in this together, and even though you may not be interested in impressing the hundred or so guests attending your wedding, it is important that you look dashing enough to take your bride by surprise. She is putting a lot of effort into looking her best on D-day, what with the hair dresser’s appointments, spas and facials, but remember, the spotlight will be on you too.

If you are only looking to maintain your current physique, you may want to start at least two months before the wedding. If you, however, need to lose more than a couple of pounds, then you may want to get started at least six months in advance.

An important point to keep in mind though: Do not to get fitted for your tuxedo or sherwani till at least a month before the wedding. Your physique will change over the course of the workout; you will have a smaller waist and larger shoulders. You don’t want to find yourself in an ill-fitting tuxedo later!

That aside, here is a complete fitness guide for grooms-to-be:

Watch your Diet


Having a healthy diet is half the battle won. Instead of sticking to the breakfast, lunch, dinner routine, it may do good to start having six meals per day. Small servings of food such as a fruit smoothie in the afternoon and whole wheat sandwiches around evening work well for your metabolism. When your body becomes used to the three meal routine, it makes your metabolism sluggish and starts storing calories as fat. Also, plan your meals in a way that you intake more protein the days you are strength training and carbohydrates on the days that you cardio train. It also goes without saying that you must avoid processed foods as far as possible. 

Cardio is the way to go


Cardio is a great way to burn calories and accelerate the weight loss process. While many of your friends may believe that cardio is for weaklings and real men pump iron, the key to losing weight is building muscle and reducing fat. You should incorporate cardio sessions at least three times in your schedule for 30 minutes each. Make sure you pick activities that you enjoy, or you are bound to get bored. Some fun activities to begin with include swimming, running, skipping, skiing, roller blading and spinning at your local gym.

Don’t focus too much on Weight Training


You might be tempted to only focus on building your biceps before the big day, but actually it is the shoulders, back and abdomen that show that you’ve been working out. Focus on short-intensity workouts, and you need not spend more than 45 minutes per day in the gym. Take small breaks and do 3 sets of 10 push-ups each, with a few seconds in between. Have fun with the routine and don’t try forcing a military style boot camp on yourself.  Remember, the wedding is only for a day and you have your whole future to look forward to!

Detox your way to fitness


Detoxifying your body is as important as working out. There is no point in sweating it out at the gym if you’re still guzzling bottles of beer and finishing 3-4 packs of cigarettes a day. Cultivate some healthy habits three to four months prior to the wedding and they are sure to pay off. Choose green tea over your daily cup of caffeine, and add a dash of honey and lime to an early morning glass of water to flush toxins out. Reduce the intake of alcohol as much as possible, save your love for beer for the bachelor party!

Go for a few spa sessions


Amid all the stress that you’re under, there is nothing better than a spa to rejuvenate your senses and give you the much needed peace and quiet. Also make sure to get a soothing facial and even a Thai aromatic massage if possible. It may also be a good idea to go for a couples’ massage with your fiancé!

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