Popping the question during a basketball game, hiding the ring in the cake or champagne, taking her on an early morning hike… There are myriad ways to propose to your sweetheart in a way she will love and cherish forever. But how you should do it depends a lot on the personality of the woman you are planning to spend the rest of your life with. Is she a carefree soul who loves romantic gestures? Or is she a feisty woman who would love an elaborate public proposal? Of course, in the case of the latter you must be sure what the answer will be, to avoid embarrassment. Also, you should be comfortable with this kind of a proposal. You don’t want to be fumbling while you’re at it.

No matter what, we have for you a list of the best ways to propose to her in style:

Plan a romantic dinner

Clichéd yes, but one of the classic ways to pop the all-important question. If you want to do it with flair in public, take her to a romantic place you both love. Make her feel special by asking her favorite band or drum line up to perform a love song. At the end of the performance, get down on one knee and give her the ring. To really surprise her, you can also pull a Chandler a la F.R.I.E.N.D.S, on her. Give her hints that you are not planning on asking her anytime soon. Play along for a couple days, while preparing for the big surprise. Decorate her room with candles and balloons. When she walks in, least expecting what’s next; ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. 

Organize a treasure hunt

If your woman is the adventurous kind and always up for a challenge, this type of a proposal is meant for her. While it may become a little obvious to her what it is about, try to make it part of an event you both are participating in. Or make it part of her Valentine’s Day gift; she will never suspect what’s coming at the end of it. Give her clues to all the places that are special to you, your favorite restaurant, theater, historical place and hangouts. Don’t make it too complicated, or she will lose interest. The last clue should of course lead her to you on one knee, at the location of your first date, with a ring in your hand.

Take her for a hot air balloon ride

The ultimate romantic way to propose to a woman, a hot air balloon provides the perfect setting. Whisk her away for a romantic weekend, and make it sound like a routine getaway. Spend a memorable two days together, and finally lead up to the big proposal. Soaring in the clouds, amid the deep blue sky, drop down on one knee and ask her to be your better half. Overwhelmed with awe for this incredibly romantic gesture, she is sure to scream ‘Yes’!

Propose on a special occasion, among family and friends

Special occasions like festivals, birthdays and anniversaries provide the perfect chance to ask “Will you marry me?” with all her loved ones present. Compile a video with your most romantic moments, a couple of months in advance. At the opportune moment during the party, dim the lights and play the video. At the end of it, amid “awws’ and “ahs”, propose to her! To make this even more romantic, you can ask her special friends and family to wear “Will you marry me?” t-shirts.

Prepare a special YouTube Proposal

A fairly new trend, the YouTube proposal is slowly but surely gaining popularity with the tech savvy generation. Make a video of all the memorable moments you have had together, in the style of her favorite rom-com; the editing should be top-notch. Name it something special such as “Your names – A timeless love story” and post it on YouTube. Remember, just because it is on YouTube, it doesn’t have to be impersonal. Don’t just message the link to her on a random. Choose a special day, and while casually surfing latest movie trailers, slyly open yours.

Organize a Flash Mob for her

As far as romantic gestures go, this one will surely make your girl swoon. Take her to a romantic date and then suggest going for a walk. Right in the middle of the street, have a choir playing her favorite romantic song and 50 odd dancers. As the performance ends, pop the question!

Write the words on a banner

One of the most extravagant ways to propose, it is also many a girl’s dream. You can put up a banner right outside her office, or at a public event. You could also have the banner displayed, at the end of a concert or at a play. Design the banner, keeping in mind both your personalities, so it still feels personal and intimate.