Remember the last wedding you went to? Chances are that you don’t. Unless the wedding had splendid décor, or a stunning venue that took your breath away. Or sumptuous entrees that you couldn’t get enough of. Or maybe the bride and groom added a touch of their personality in everything from the cards to the theme to the reception. Attention to some major elements of your wedding decide whether your wedding will be remembered by guests or whether they will forget about it the minute they step out of the venue. Let’s face it; most weddings are standard affairs that play by the book. While that doesn’t make them any less special for the bride and groom, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime affair and if you want to add a dash of surprise and grandeur to your own, you should, by all means, go ahead!

We present to you the top 5 elements to pay careful attention to if you want your wedding to be an affair to remember:


This is what will first catch the guests’ eye when they look at your invites. You may opt for a popular banquet in your neighborhood, or a luxurious resort on the other side of the world. First off, you need to decide whether you want a destination wedding or one that is closer home. Depending on that you can pick venues for each individual function. Options abound as far as wedding venues are concerned, ranging from the beachside villas, to private estates, ranches, and hotels. Keep in mind the size of your guest list and your budget constraints. If hosting a big fat Indian wedding, choose a sprawling open space as compared to an elegant ballroom. It is always good to add your own sense of style to all elements. So, if you are into royal romance, pick a venue with regal art deco, magnificent chandeliers and paintings. Remember, the venue will set the tone of your wedding, so choose wisely.



You may have a grand venue, but what makes it even more mesmerizing is the décor. Set the mood of your Indian wedding with rich bold colors, an opulent entrance, elaborate backdrops, and extensive tenting and draping. Match it with the theme of your wedding. If you have a Bollywood themed wedding, have a life-size mirror with colorful bulbs all around and red-carpet like grandeur at the entrance. You can light up the venue in myriad ways. Make use of Chinese lanterns or a brilliant fireworks display.  Another unique idea would be to make a rangoli of diyas or lights; it is sure to become a center of attraction!



After gushing about your tastefully done venue, guests are going to rush to the food section, and if you disappoint them here, it will be a real deal-breaker. All said and done, they will forgive a few gaudy centerpieces but not an unhappy belly. Choose a reputed caterer and keep in mind all your guests when deciding the menu. You may be one daring food enthusiast, but not everyone is. Have a lavish spread of local Indian delicacies. Consider adding flavors of chaat and street food. You can also have a few special dishes from cuisines around the world. If it doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t be too luxuriant, but make sure that you get your money’s worth. Want them to remember the food for more than the taste? Why not personally name the dishes such as ‘First date Butter Chicken’ and ‘Big B’s Chholay Bhature’?

The other events


Just as important as the actual wedding and reception are the events that accompany it. That’s right; the sangeet, mehndi, hen, stag and cocktail parties. Make sure you pay as much attention to these as the reception. You can have a different theme for each of them, such as Royal, Retro Twist, Color Scheme, etc. The décor, venue and food should be in sync with the theme. So, for an all-white wedding, you can create a faux snow effect at the entrance and wow your guests. You needn’t always be this lavish though; the additional functions should not burn a hole in your pocket!



At the end of the day, what really makes your wedding stand out in an already full calendar is the surprises and creativity it has to offer.For each of the above mentioned elements, you need to add a sense of individuality and care equally about the comfort of the guests. If the two of you love poetry, include one of your favorite verses in the invitation cards. Showcase your culture at the wedding. The guests who are unfamiliar with the traditions will be delighted with the display. Make unexpected, amusing entries on a scooter or charm the guests with a South Indian dance in a dhoti! Use your limitless imagination and you are sure to have guests remember your big day, long after it is over!