This decade has seen some major changes in our lifestyle; be it the way we communicate with our loved ones, or the way we share our special (and some really mundane) moments with the world. With our life becoming more and more digital, how can weddings, which are an integral part of our life, be left far behind? The modern day, tech-savvy sweethearts are opting to plan their wedding digitally instead of taking the traditional wedding planner route. The reason? Far too many!

The internet abounds in wedding websites and tools that take care of all your wedding planning needs right from the significant ones to the tiny details that sometimes drive you crazy. Want information on suitable vendors for your wedding? They have them! Need advice on how to get glowing skin on your big day? It’s there! Wish you had an assistant at hand to ensure you didn’t leave anything out? They have it covered! They even help you send out quirky “Save the Date” invites, and if you’re willing to spend a little, broadcast your wedding live to those who couldn’t make it! Is there anything else you could ask for?

Let’s take a closer look at the various reasons why couples are opting to take the digital route:

All-in-one manager

Remember that assistant you read about earlier? Well, that’s what wedding planning websites are! They have a checklist at hand to ensure you do not miss out on any important detail. These checklists cover everything from buying your engagement ring to the mehndi and honeymoon. They are planned according to a systematic timeline, like at Apart from that, the websites also have a customized budget manager to help you keep track of overspending issues, lost deposits and take care of budget mishaps. The cherry on the cake? You can share it seamlessly with your fiancé and family, and the information can be synced across all your devices with the help of mobile apps.

Easy Access to Wedding Vendors

Imagine having a list of over 500 vendors on your fingertips and browsing them as and when you please? That is the luxury that wedding planning websites offer. Right from accommodation, wedding venues and catering to bridal make-up, skin care, ice sculptures, florists and fireworks, there are a plethora of vendors to choose from. While perusing your favorite vendor, you can check out their portfolio and website online and even talk to them via e-mail. You can also take a look at what other couples have had to say about their services. With the prevalence of video conferencing, it has made communicating with vendors so much easier, especially if you are planning to have a destination wedding.

Wide Collection of Wedding Inspiration

There are only so many ideas that you can get from others’ weddings and Bollywood movies. A huge collection of blogs on the internet are dedicated to making your Indian wedding a grand event. These blogs offer advice and creative ideas on various topics such as pre-wedding events, the wedding video, honeymoon, beauty tips, bridal lehengas and so much more. Whether you are looking for the latest trends in groom wear or the hottest selection of Bollywood wedding music, the digital world has you covered. Couples scour the net for out-of-the-box, never-seen- before ideas to lend a special touch to their wedding. Check out the blog articles at Planshaadi for some innovative wedding ideas.

Effortless Collaboration

Planning a wedding is a collaborative effort between the bride, groom and both their families. It is important that everyone is kept in the loop about the wedding preparations and has a say in it. But don’t you worry, tools such as the PlanShaadi Scrapbook help you collaborate with your loved ones effortlessly. You can easily save you favorite lehenga or the theme-wedding article you so loved, and refer to it later and also ask for your fiancé’s opinion on it. Websites also help you save vendors and share them with your folks.


It goes without saying that planning your wedding digitally helps you save big on the expenses of a professional wedding planner and also a lot of your precious time. You can also save on other wedding essentials such as invitations by sending out electronic, custom made save-the-dates and wedding invites. Imagine the money you would save
by selecting your own music on your iPad rather than calling a pricey DJ!  There are apps that not only let you send out invites but also keep track of RSVPs, the plus ones they’re bringing and how much food you require for the guests. All in all, there is enough reason for a couple to go the digital way for planning their wedding. It is cost-effective, efficient and has a lot more to offer when compared to the traditional way. So, when are you going to start planning your own red-letter day?