We know that your wedding-day is special for you. But is there a way to make it memorable for the guests too? Yes, host a destination wedding. Rather than getting married among the regular day-to-day setting, fly away with the guests, to an unexplored location. A new land, a new sky (not really!), a new life. Together! Here are our 5 breathtaking locations for a Destination Wedding: 


Mexico is a pocket-friendly and a stunning choice with spicy food, jovial people, more than 6000 miles of stunning coastline, golf and spa resorts, mesmerizing beaches, dense jungles... Welcome to Mexico! Cancun and Riveria Maya are some hotshot locations in Mexico to get hitched.


The explosive mix of history and architecture makes Italy one romantic destination to get married at. A Mediterranean destination wedding could be a much needed escape for not only the couple, but also the guests. Narrow canals and singing gondoliers in Venice makes it an enticing option.

Costa Rica:

Do you think your married life is going to be an adventure of lifetime? If yes, then what better way but to start it in the rain forests among the howler monkeys? Or perhaps on a breathtaking white-sand beach, which would seem like it's out of a fairy tale? To go for an eco-themed wedding, do head to Costa Rica!


For an elegant seaside wedding, Bermuda -with its old British heritage- makes for a perfect choice. Whether your plan is to marry on the beach or on the cliff, Bermuda has it all. Quaint little pubs, pretty cottages, pink sand beaches (no kidding!), deep turquoise sea (breathe in, breathe out) and magnificent cliffs - isn't this an amazing combo to be a backdrop for your marriage?

Florida, US:

Disney constituted a big part towards almost everyone's childhood by introducing us to the notions of charming princes and pretty princesses. Now that you have found the one, why not marry him/her in the backdrop of Disney world? Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and other fun characters could be a part of your wedding too! 

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