Do you ever wonder why an Indian wedding takes so many days? What’s the reason behind those hour-long ceremonies? Let’s see:

Kanyadaan: My daughter is yours…

During this ceremony, the father of the bride gives away his daughter –by placing her right hand in the groom’s right hand. According to traditions, giving a gift to Lord Vishnu is deemed as an honor and the bridegroom is considered to be Vishnu’s form. To capture picture perfect moments of your wedding, check out our list of best vendors for Indian wedding photography BC.

Saptapadi: Seven steps towards a married life

Literally translated as “seven steps”, this is the most beautiful moment of a Hindu wedding. The bride and the groom, either hand-in-hand or with shimmering knotted dupattas, encircle the holy fire for 7 times. Each round denotes a promise. If this were a Greek play, we might have called this ceremony the narrative Climax. Many scholars note that this ritual (along with few others) denotes the legality of a Hindu wedding. The "pheras" are also a part of a Sikh Wedding.

Vidai: The bride leaves her childhood Home


And she leaves her home, to start a new life. This moment usually gets emotional as everyone’s nostalgic about the bride’s whole life –her traits, her achievements, her endearments, her presence- and with her gone, the home shall feel empty. Before moving out, the bride throws handful of rice three times and a coin – this is supposedly her way of paying her parents for everything they did. Her parents accompany her to the wedding-car and the bride’s brothers and cousins push the car – a symbolic gesture to help her move out.

Grihapravesh: The bride enters her new Home

ali xeeshan at lahore fort

There is much fanfare in a Hindu household as the “laxmi” of the household (the daughter-in-law is traditionally compared to the goddess of wealth) enters the home first time after the marriage. Tilak, aarti and a few fun games are played. The whole family comes together to welcome the bride, to show her that they have accepted her in their home and hearts. The wedding couple’s room is decorated elaborately for their “wedding night”.

Post-Wedding Reception:  A thank-you to all the guests!

The chaotic-yet-fun Indian wedding has come to an end. Now, it’s time to sit back and “receive” good wishes and the guests. Thank them for being a part of your celebration. Host a grand reception in an elegant style. To book Indian reception halls Lower Mainland BC, contact our wedding vendors.

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