What's a life without a soundtrack? Reality. What's a marriage without an awesome soundtrack? Dull. No worries, as you plan your wedding online, we have perfect music to make the occasion much more enjoyable. Check out our list of perfect Bollywood songs for Mehndi Rasam:

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali

Alka Yagnik's sweet voice and A.R. Rehman's spectacular music gives this song a peppy tempo. The song is about the female friends and aunts of the bride getting together to celebrate wait for the arrival of the groom. It also talks about how mehndi beautifies the bride. Contact our Surrey wedding vendors for exemplary bridal mehndi designs.

Mehndi ni Mehndi

Harshdeep Kaur brings a fuzzy feeling (the one you get when you watch a sad love story) to this folksy Punjabi song. While the celebrations are on, the mehndi rasam is an indication that post-marriage the daughter shall move out and start a new life. She will leave her childhood home behind and thus be parayee.

Mehndi Laga ke Rakhna 

This Bollywood classic, sung by Udit Narayan, sets the playful tone of the rasam and it adds to hope and excitement of the wedding ceremony.The song starts with a call, a request, a teasing order -wherein the bride is asked to apply henna to her hands, as her lover is going to come to take her away. 

Mehndi Lagaongi Main

Vibha Sharma's pop song "Mehndi Lagaongi main" captures the uncontrollable desire of the bride-to-be, as she hums "I will apply mehndi designs with my lover's name. I have no clue (anymore) about mornings or evenings." The catchy beats of this song will surely make all the ladies tap their feet and set the ball rolling for a fun-filled evening.

Jad Mehndi Lag Lag Jaave

The Bollywood duo of Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam gsang this upbeat punjabi-hindi song. The female sings that once the mehndi is applied to the hands, the nights don't go fast enough, the wait is too much to bear! And we agree, it is like an hourglass which seems to be holding all the dust of the world and there's no way for a "time out". 

Mehndi Mehndi

"Broken from the branches, it spreads on the palms... this is mehndi, it will show colour,"  thus goes this song. The earthy voice of Jaspinder Narula and soulful music of this celebratory song creates an out of the world atmosphere. For a late evening mehndi function, it's a perfect tune to mesmerize the crowds.

We hope your rocking playlist is set for the mehndi rasam! Check this space more often to get the latest playlists for all the Indian wedding ceremonies.