Bridal showers are a fun custom where the brides gets to spend the day with her close girlfriends, cousins, aunties and other female family members before she gets married. There is laughter, food and of course games. Now, when it comes to a desi bridal shower, you want to make sure that the games are not just entertaining but also aunty appropriate.


Here are some games that you can play at the next bridal shower you plan, of course with a desi twist.

Dress the Dulhan

This is the Indian version of the toilet paper wedding dress game. In this one, you want to split your group into teams. Each team gets a tray with a dupatta, bindi, tikka, jewelry, lipstick and any other bridal accessories that are needed. The team that dresses their bride the fastest, wins!

Place the Bindi on the Bride

Remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? This is the same idea but instead of the donkey, use the bride (or a poster of the bride on the wall) Each guest is blindfolded and given a bindi on their finger. Then one by one, each guest is spun around three times and must place the bindi on the first spot they touch. It should make for some interesting bindi locations on the bride.

Pass the Parcel, Bollywood Style

Wrap a gift many times in newspaper. Between each layer, on a piece of paper, write down the name of one of the bride's favorite Bollywood movies. Have all the guests sit in a circle. Play music as they pass the parcel around the circle. When the music stops, the person who is holding the parcel must unwrap one layer and either sing a song or recite some of the dialogue from the Bollywood movie that’s written down there.

Share your favorite fast recipe

The bride always gets asked, what are you going to cook once you get married? Help her out by giving each guest a piece of paper and a pen. Tell them to write down their favorite and quickest recipe. Then put all the recipes in a binder and give it to the bride as a shower gift at the end of the day. It’ll be a fun reminder of the special day and it’ll come in handy in the kitchen. 

Oven Mitts and a Suit

You’ll need a bunch of salwaar kameez and oven mitts for this fun game. Guests 
will need to put on the oven mitts and then try and put on the salwaar kameez. The 
person who puts everything on correctly and the fastest, wins. And with oven mitts on, this won’t be an easy task!