Your wedding is going to create many beautiful and long-lasting memories. You and your groom will look back at all the photos and video’s to re-live those amazing moments.

A big part of those yaadein will be family and friends, the guests who came to celebrate this special occasion with you. Everyone will have special words, advice and well wishes to share with the happy couple. You will want to make sure and capture those in a guest book that you can  flip through when you need some marital inspiration. (Trust us, every new couple has those moments).

You can always use the classic notebook and ball point pen for your guests to sign in at your wedding and write a few words. Or you can try one of these 5 unique guest book ideas. 

Wedding Guest Book Frame

Take a picture that you love of you and your groom from your engagement photo shoot and put it in the middle of a large picture frame. Leave the glass out and keep a few pens close by. This way your guests can write their well-wishes straight on to the frame and after your wedding, you can mount it on your wall. If you are going to have a lot of guests, make two frames with different photos. It’s an instant wedding memory for your new home.


Wedding Guest Book Mad Libs {Marriage Advice Printable}

Let your guests fill out a fun Mad Libs wedding form and let them unleash their creativity. How fun will that be to read after the wedding!

Guest book mad libs

Personalized Instant Photo Guest Book

Capture how your guests are emotions and expressions at your wedding with a guest book that has a spot for instant or polaroid pictures. Then when you look back at the books, years after the wedding, how fun will it be to see their happy glowing faces when you read their well wishes and marital advice.

polaroid guest book

Puzzle Guest Book

For a bride and groom that like playing games, a puzzle guest book would be perfect. Get a large puzzle made with a picture of the happy couple on it. Then let the guests write their messages on the back of each individual piece. Later on, the newlyweds can enjoy reading the notes and reminiscing while they put the puzzle together.

puzzle guest book

A Guest Envelope Board DIY

Have a little fun with a wedding DIY. Grab a big wooden board and glue mini – envelopes on to it. Guests can write little notes, put the notes in to the envelope and 
seal it for the bride and groom to read later. 

Guest book envelope board

Using a little creativity and imagination will help bring a fun, unique touch to your 
wedding that you and your guests will always remember.