The ladoo is often the most underrated sweet at an Indian wedding. I happen to love the little yellow balls of goodness, both for their flavor and cultural significance. A desi shaadi just wouldn't be the same without them. I've already shared some simple tricks for dressing up the ladoo boxes to you give out with wedding cards, and today I've got another impressive ladoo hack for you. (Who knew ladoo hacks would ever be a thing?)

Rather than serving ladoo in their traditional form, why not create a pretty presentation with the help of a few cookie cutters. The instructions for creating these little ladoo bites are below. 

diy ladoo bites

To start with make sure the ladoo you are using are a little firm but not solid. You want them to fit into the cookie cutter easily but also not to fall apart. It is also a good idea to choose small to medium sized cookie cutters. Somehow the cocktail sized ladoo bites look better that way.

Then you simply push the cookie cutter through the ladoo and pack the ladoo bits into the cookie cutter. Since I used small cutters I was able to get three ladoo bites out of each round ladoo. 

Once you've gently pulled the ladoo bite out of the cookie cutter (just go slowly and you'll be okay), place them in the fridge for a few minutes to firm up. They tend to get a little soft when you've handled them a lot, and will start falling apart.