A lot of time and energy is spent at weddings making sure that the bride and groom get their special day (rightfully so), but sometimes the guests might get overlooked in the planning process. Guests are invited to the wedding to witness your union, celebrate with your family, and share their blessings; but how can you make them feel appreciated and welcome in a personal way?

This week I'm sharing 4 ways to make your wedding special for guest:

1. A Special Invite
How do you feel when you get the same old card with the same old box of ladoos? (We've already shared our ideas for ditching the ladoo box in favour of something new - you can read all about it here). Consider personalizing your invites with beautiful calligraphy, or custom labels with names printed in Hindi or Punjabi. Maybe go as far as adding the names of all the individuals you are inviting and not just "Mr. Sidhu & family".

2. Welcome & Appreciate Guests at the Ceremony
While most Indian weddings include an announcement of 'special guests' at the reception, there is rarely a mention of all the other guests that attend. Just because someone isn't a blood relative, or didn't fly to your wedding it doesn't mean they shouldn't be appreciated! How about asking a family member to say a few words of thanks for your guests at the end of the ceremony. This way even those that can't attend the reception will feel appreciated. 

3. Invite Them to Participate in the Functions
Are you having a jago or dandiya at your ladies sangeet, make sure someone is getting all your guests involved. Ask an aunt or friend to let distant relatives know they are welcome to join in the fun. 

4. Send a Thank You Note or Letter
A thank you note for an Indian wedding is so rare that it is always a treat. You might not know everyone's mailing address, but you can set up a station to collect them at your reception. If you don't want to hand write every note, create a thank you letter and photocopy it  (you can sign the bottom of each personally.) I know it's a big task but it will definitely make your guests feel appreciated!

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