We hate to be the ones to say this, but sometimes the Ladies Sangeet can be a bit boring. It seems couples put a lot of time and effort into planning the entertainment for their reception and kind of 'glaze over' the Sangeet. Yes, if you are Punjabi there will a jago, and if you are Gujrati there will likely be dandiya but what are the guests supposed to do for the other 3 hours? It's particularly important to remember; everyone can't dance all night. As a good host/hostess you need to think about the all the guests that attend your event, not just the party animals and the giddha queens. 

Ladies Sangeet Entertainment Ideas

Don't stress, as always, our team has done their homework and we've come up with some fun ideas for making your Ladies Sangeet memorable for all the guests. 

Hair Braiding
This is such a fun idea, especially for the little girls at your sangeet. Try working out an arrangement with a local hair school and have some students come out and do fish tails, french braids, and maybe even tie parandis on your guests (In fact, why not give every guest a parandi as their party favour?)

Period Photo Booth 
We've all seen those studio shots from India where our moms or aunties dressed up like a Rajasthani princess or Kashmiri girl, with a little hunting you might be able to set up a similar 'dress up trunk' at your ladies party. (Find more tips on setting up a photo booth here).

Jewelry Making Station
This would be a great station to set up for the younger attendees at your party. Do some research online and find jewelry making supplies in bulk (advance warning you have to order early). Go for something simple, maybe a simple chain and pendant or charm bracelet, or hire someone to come in and instruct people on how to make the jewelry piece. This would also be a great 'make and take' favour.

Food Stations
Think beyond the chaat bar and try something new. How about a cotton candy machine, or maybe you can co-ordinate with a local caterer and set up a fresh jalebi stand? We would even be thrilled with a build your own sundae bar (just as long as mango ice cream was available.) It would actually be great to see a variety of food stations set up around the room. 

Palm Reader
Let's be honest; all Aunties like to have their fortune told, so why not have palm reader at your party? Try to find someone that focuses on fun fortunes, and instruct them to share only good news with your guests and it will be a good time for everyone!