Until a few years ago, buying a custom engagement ring seemed like something reserved for celebrities or socialites, but that's not the case anymore. Today there are so many options for engagement ring customization it can almost be overwhelming. Since this is one of the biggest investments many couples make during their wedding, we wanted to get some advice from an expert to share with you. Our preferred vendor Bharti Art Jewellers have been in the jewellery business for 6 generations, and had their exclusive location in Vancouver for 40 years - so they know a thing or two about custom jewellery design!

bharti art  custom engagement ring

After chatting with the current owner Sanjay, we were able to pull together 5 Tips for Choosing a Custom Engagement Ring.

1. Work with an Experienced & Reputable Jeweller

It's obvious that you'd want to work with a jeweller that has experience, just be sure to check that they actually have experience working with engagement rings. Ask to see pictures of their previous work, and if they are actively working on ring design. Another good indication of someone's quality and integrity is the diamond brands they work with. Bharti Arts carry Nakshatra, Canadian Rocks, and Mardini; all reputable brands. If a jeweller isn't willing to tell you where their diamonds come from, you might want to keep looking. 

2. Start Collecting a Inspiration Early

Creating a custom piece of jewellery is a special process, don't rush yourself. Start collecting images and ideas that inspire you early. Don't limit yourself to pictures of rings either. Is their a lehnga or maang tikka you love - a good jeweller can take inspiration from that and create a custom design.

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3. Try a Wax Model of Your Ring Before Finalizing

At Bharti Art Jewellers they create a 3D image of the custom design and print it into a live model that you can try on. It really takes the guesswork and stress out of buying a custom ring. Ask your jeweller if they can provide a "dummy ring" for you to try before you buy. 

4. Make Sure You Feel Confident Before You Commit

If you aren't able to get a wax model to try, or the wax model just doesn't give you the full effect, make sure you feel confident in your jeweller's understanding of what you want before they start working on the ring. You should never feel rushed or pressured by the jeweller to make a decision, the process should be fun and exciting. 

5. It Can be Easier and Budget Friendly to Get Your Band at the Same Place

Once you've established that you are going to work with a particular jeweller, talk to them about your wedding band and the groom's ring too. Not only will all three fit together well, you may be able to get a better rate for multiple purchases. 

 Hopefully you found these tips helpful, if you have any more questions, you can connect with Bharti Art Jewellers through their vendor profile page or Facebook.