I love photo booths and casual fun photos at weddings, but sadly I see them 'go to waste' at far too many Indian weddings. They are often pushed into a back corner of a crowded hall and not all guests are aware the photo booth is there, and often aren't informed that they are welcome to take a picture.

photo booth indian wedding

{Image source: Milou and Olin Photography}  

In my experience the photo booth is often monopolized by the younger guests at a wedding. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a picture of my Nani posing with a mustache on  a stick than another set of duck face poses from the bridesmaids!

So how can you make sure that all your guests enjoy the photo booth experience, and you end up with a variety of memorable moments captured at the end of the night? Read on for my tips on photo booth success.

photo booth indian weddings

1. Make sure everyone knows they are welcome

Sometimes a guest isn't form your immediate family they may not know if they are "allowed" to use the photo booth. Make an announcement (or two) during the evening letting people know you want them to take a pic.

2. Give someone a list

Do you really want a picture of you mom and massi goofing off in the photo booth with your nani? Or maybe you want to capture your groom with all of his dad's brothers? Give one o your bridesmaids or groomsmen a list of must have group photos ahead of time. Don't assume that all of your family will make it to the photo booth without a reminder.

3. Vary the props

Not all of your guests are going to be into feather boas and lips on a stick, try adding some old school and traditional props into the mix. A colourful pakhi (Indian hand fan) and a tumbi might add the perfect amount of fun to the photo booth.

4. Assign a time keeper

Not the most glorious job, but maybe members of your bridal party can take turns looking out for photo booth hogs. I've stood in line for several minutes at a photo booth while one group took multiple photos in various group formations, and then went to hunt down their one missing friend - it's not fun. Most people aren't trying to be rude, they just need a gentle reminder that other people are waiting and they can come back for more pics.

Hopefully these tips will help you plan a photo booth your guests enjoy for the night and photos you enjoy forever!

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