Shopping for a wedding cake can be exciting but also overwhelming. So many flavours, sizes, and designs. Plus the big question - to go Indian or traditional with the design. But don't worry - the PlanShaadi team is here to guide you through the tasty and tricky process of wedding cake selection. 

Wedding cakes
Images via: Cakes by Roma 


1) Collect insipration before tasting

Before you ever set foot into a bakery or take a bite of cake, start collecting images that inspire you. (You can even use our Scrapbook function for this).

Don't feel like you can only save pictures of cakes either. Include images of colours, textures, even decor that you like. 

2) Have samples of key wedding decor handy

When you go to meet with a baker take a swatch of your outfit, your wedding cards, even a decor plan. You want the cake to fit in with your overall decor theme and look good in the pics. A good baker will ask for these things. 

3) Always sample the exact cake you order

When you go in for a tasting, you may like the frosting from one cake and sponge from another. Before you place a final order insist on tasting the sponge, filling, and frosting that will be used in your cake all together. It's impossible to know if you will love it otherwise! 

4) Consider your portion sizes

We often see cake going to waste at Indian receptions because there is so much food (not that we are complaining!) Maybe consider a smaller cake , or a cake layer with mini cupcakes. Also ensure that the catering staff brings your cake out along with the other desserts so everyone gets a taste. 

 Wedding cakes


Hopefully these tips help you get started with your hunt for the perfect wedding cake!