What is the role of a groomsman? You don’t have to sit in the mandap or participate in an hour long photo shoot but you must be prepared and willing to help the groom whenever he is in need.

The Groomsmen.

They're the boys, brothers from other mothers, the guys who've been there for the groom through thick and thin. The groomsmen will be sporting tuxes, writing toasts and recuperating from the bachelor party that should not be discussed on any public platform.

Groom and groomsmen

A groomsman does more than simply stand around and look handsome. For starters, a groomsman is an individual who is important to the groom and serves as advisor before, during, and after the wedding. It’s not just about the stag and the quality time with the boys, the groomsman has responsibilities that need to be fulfilled in order for the groom to experience a stress-free wedding.

Checklist for the Groomsmen:

  • The groomsmen are looking forward to the wedding, it will be a joyous occasion, but the anticipation for the stag is a different story.  Plan the bachelor party and keep track of who’s invited, whose coming, where everyone will stay, and what activities will take place. 


  • Depending on what the groom decides, usually the groomsmen get measured and pick up their tuxedos for the reception. Each groomsmen needs to ensure this is complete in a timely manner as the groom is depending on the boys to have their wardrobe sorted out. Ideally each groomsman will wear the same tuxedo and coordinate with the color theme the reception. 


  • It wouldn’t be an Indian wedding without a dance item so you need to coordinate a performance with the bridesmaids.  No need to train like America’s best dance crew, simply have fun and do your best to create an entertaining item for the crowd.


  • You have to be at all the pre-wedding festivities, including engagement parties, meetings, bachelor party, and rehearsals.  It’s a privilege to have this role and you cannot take it for granted. Be there and live in the moment. 


  • Support the groom and listen to any pre-wedding nervousness he may have.  The moments prior to making it official need to be peaceful and it’s your job to ensure the groom is enjoying himself rather than stressing about how the guests are doing.  

  • Prepare a speech.  Not just any speech but one that comes straight from the heart. You have to reminisce about all the moments that you and the groom have shared throughout the years.  Don’t include segments that would end up having the groom in trouble, poke fun but don’t ruin his night. Speak from the heart and illustrate the importance of brotherhood.  A speech that includes sentiment with tasteful humour will go a long a way.


  • There is a considerable expenses involved in being a groomsman, including cost of apparel, travel, and hotel room for the ceremony, hosting a bachelor party, as well as the gifts.  Save up in order to be the best groomsman any man can ask for.

Be punctual on the day of the wedding and reception.  Bring everything and anything you need as you will be with the bridal party for the entire day. The bridesmaids will have their emergency kit ready for use on command, which by the way contains everything from scotch tape to blush; the groomsmen may just need a cooler that contains assortments of juices... obviously.  Simply put, be organized as there may be minor responsibilities you will have to deal with on the big day.

Groom and groomsment

The soon-to-be married couple is passing on a significant responsibility to the groomsmen and at the same time, it is an opportunity to take part in a festive celebration with your closest friends and relatives.