After the Glitter Champagne Flutes project, I've been feeling inspired to work on more glitter DIY's - what bride doesn't want more sparkle at her shaadi right? This week's project is perfect for all skill levels. You really don't need to have any DIY experience to pull this off.

This simple technique can be used on any size or shape of glass vase. Fill them with decorative beads, coloured water, or candles, and you have a quick, low cost centrepiece for a pre-wedding function. Just remember, with this technique we are not sealing the glitter so there will be some fall off.


  • Vase for decorating
  • Double sided tape
  • Fine glitter in a variety of colours


It's almost embarrassing how simple this DIY really is. All you need to do is wrap the double sided tape around your vase in circle and shake the glitter over top.

One tip that may help is to use a couple of small pieces of tape and overlap to create a circle rather than using one long piece. Using a long piece of tape is more likely to cause air bubbles and wrinkling in the tape.If you want a thicker stripe, use two pieces of tape right next to each other.

As I always say with DIY projects the goal isn't perfection but rather to add some fun personal touches to your wedding. If you look closely my lines aren't exactly perfect! 

Looking for some more inspiration and ideas for centrepieces? Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.