There are plenty of tips out there for things you should do to take care of your skin before the big day, but what about the things you shouldn't do? We've rounded up a list of 'no-no's' that every bride should abide by in the days leading up to her shaadi. 

1. Do not get a facial or eyebrow threading within a week of the wedding
You might experience redness or irritation after having treatments like this and it can take a few days for your skin to settle down. You don't want to look red in your photos.

2. Don't change your skincare routine 4 weeks before the wedding
Even a minor change in your skincare routine can cause your skin to react or loose it's glow. Stick with the tried and true in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

3. Do not pop a zit!
This is one you should never do whether you are the bride or not, but it is so important before your wedding. A poorly popped zit can take 3-4 weeks to heal. Resist the urge to touch. If it's just a few days before your wedding, visit your dermatologist or facialist and they will pop it in a safe way. 

4. Don't overdo the hair products & flat iron 
Excess products leave a residue on your hair that makes it hard for the hairdresser to work with, and a flat iron dries out your hair. If possible, reduce your use of these products a few weeks before your wedding. 

5. Don't choose chai over water
We get it, wedding planning is stressful, but water is a must for a bride to be. Definitely double up on your water intake and if possible cut back on caffeine which makes your skin look very tired. 

6. Don't load up on salty foods
Yes the pakoras and chutney are tempting, but they are also filled with sodium. Excess sodium intake can cause bloating and water retention. To ensure you fit into your perfectly fitted sari blouses, easy up on the salty snacks in the 7 days before your wedding. 

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