If you've seen any of our previous DIY posts you already know I love personal touches at an Indian wedding. So many desi shaadis I attend have a 'cookie cutter' kind of experience, so I'm super impressed when I bride an groom go out of their way to create a unique decor, events, and favor ideas.

Today's DIY project is very simple, anyone can do it. I think these favour boxes would work at a reception with a few chocolates or even a mini cupcake inside, but for today, I'm imagining them as Sangeet favours with little container of sindoor insider. Sindoor is auspicious (a shagun) and perfect for a pre-wedding ceremony focusing on the ladies. diy favor boxes


Basic craft boxes (cardboard)
A few colours of acrylic paint
Decorative Crystals
Craft Glue


Start by painting the boxes. You can go with one color, a different color for the box and lid, or even a gold metallic glaze like I did on the lids. For a glaze; paint the lid one color and then use a thin coat of gold paint over top.


Once you are happy with the basic paint colors that them dry thoroughly (2-3 hours).

Now for the fun part! Start playing around with the crystals and figure out a design you love. You can do them all in one design or vary them slightly.

diy favor boxes

If you are working on a design that requires a straight line you can use a piece of craft or painters tape as a guide. Just remember, the craft glue sets very quickly on cardboard so be sure about your design before you start gluing.  

diy favor boxes

Once you are done adding decorative crystals leave your boxes to dry over night so everything sets before filling them in. 

I painted the inside of my boxes, but if you are going to be putting food in them you many not want to.