save money on wedding flowersLet's be honest; weddings are expensive, so anywhere you can save is good news for a desi bride and groom! Flowers add a romantic touch to your wedding decor and can enhance the quality of your portraits, but they can also be a big strain on the budget. We've rounded up some ideas for saving on beautiful blooms for your big day.

Have Bridesmaids Carry Something Other Than Flowers

You can save a substantial sum by ditching flowers for the bridesmaids. They can carry, fans, pinwheels, or even a single peacock feather instead. Bridesmaids at Indian weddings are usually wearing stacked bangles and have henna on their hands, let them show those off!

Create Alternative Boutonnieres for Groomsmen

If you are foregoing flowers for the bridesmaids then the give the groomsmen a pass on boutonnieres too. Instead they could use patterned or brightly coloured pocket squares or maybe even pocket watches the double as groomsmen gifts to decorate their lapels.

save money on wedding flowers

Buy Local Flowers for Your Bouquet

This option may not work for everyone, but if you have a relaxed vibe to your wedding and have a crafty friend or cousin it could be perfect. Visit a local flower wholesaler or even a grocery store with a good selection of flowers the day before your wedding, and DIY a bridal bouquet, it's not as hard as you'd think. (Check out YouTube for lots of DIY bouquet videos)

Swap Flower Petals for Confetti 

If there are ceremonies in your wedding that require tossing flower petals on the bride and groom, consider shiny confetti instead. It adds a fun vibe to the party and is much more cost effective. Just be mindful if you are tossing it near an open agni!