Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, to set it apart from other weddings.Monograms have become a hot trend in the wedding stationery industry as a way to personalize and give that extra touch of individuality and class to your invitations. 

Starting with the ‘save the date’ and invitation card, your monogram will set the tone and style of your wedding. While the colour scheme can change through the suite of wedding stationery, the monogram can be creatively interwoven, giving continuity and harmony to the various items of stationery. 

personal monograms wedding

Full of possibilities

Monograms are versatile in their use and can be printed on invitations as well as stickers to seal envelopes. While traditionally monograms used initials, nowadays symbols, flowers and animals are also being incorporated into a monogram; you can make them as elaborate and stylized as you like. They transform your invitation into a beautiful work of art when embellished with crystals, adding that special exotic sparkle. 

Why not include a monogram in the menu and seating plan; and how about placing it in strategic places in the mandap? Talk about making an impression! For couples wanting drama and impact, Ananya has incorporated monograms in cake toppers (in Swarovski crystals), postage stamps, personal stationery, address labels, and custom made luggage, to name a few. 

personal monograms wedding

Après wedding

After the wedding, your monogram can be adapted for other uses, from personal stationery to towels and linens and even Christmas baubles, and just about anything you can think of! They are distinctive, and an easy way to make a personal statement. Whether for yourself or given as a gift, a monogram is both enduring and endearing.

From a simple font to an intricately designed floral motif, they become a part of your 
identity; bespoke and as unique as you!


Vaishali Shah is lead designer at the award winning wedding design company Ananya Cards. You can connect with her on Facebook for more details.