We've all seen it; the dance floor is pumping, people are having a good time, but there is a long line up of guests waiting with requests for the DJ. It can be distracting for the DJ and a nuisance for the people trying to dance.

The space in front of the DJ is prime dancing real estate and should not be used for people screaming requests for random songs from the 90's. To help you deal with this dilemma, we teamed up once again with the talented designer Vaishali from Ananya Cards to create DJ Request Cards.

DJ Request Cards Indian Wedding

You can print out a stack of these cards and leave them near your welcome table so guests can write down their requests at the start of the evening and the DJ team will have time to work them into the schedule for the evening.

DJ Request Cards Indian Wedding

A fun design for a modern wedding! To save to your computer, right click and choose save as.

DJ Request Cards Indian WeddingDJ Request Cards Indian Wedding 

What do you think - will DJ request cards be a hit or miss?