It has the potential to make or break a wedding celebration. It sets the tone for the night and truly isthe heart and soul of any successful reception. It can either have your guests screaming “ONE MORE SONG” or head home before the clock strikes midnight.

It is music and the one in charge is the DJ, otherwise known as one of the most important individuals that will contribute to a wedding reception.

To point out the obvious, you want to hire a talented DJ that offers more than just the music. One that values crowd interaction and presentation while maintaining a high sense of professionalism throughout the evening. Finding one that owns these qualities takes time, meticulous research, and surfing the web. The market is flooded with DJ’s that can work their magic on a software program but very few that can actually work the turntables. 

In the midst of all the other duties that come with wedding planning, it’s important to set aside time to interview your potential DJ in person. Be aware of how your prospective DJ responds to your questions and then ask yourself if this person can control the party portion of the evening. 

Ask The DJ:

Does the DJ understand what you’re looking for? Is the DJ familiar with the genres of the music your 

crowd enjoys? How does he/she engage with the crowd? Will the DJ dress in formal attire? How does 

he/she deal with requests? Will they have assistance? What is the DJ setup and how long will it take? 

What type equipment do they offer? Is the DJ likeable? Are you able to communicate with the DJ on a consistent basis leading up to the reception?

These are important questions to consider and you have to make sure that the DJ genuinely cares about your reception and understands the type of music that fits.

Ask Yourself:

What type of music suits your personal taste and guest demographics? What musical genre mirrors your 

characters and inspires the vibe you want to create? What’s your budget? Do you care about the DJ 

setup and overall presentation? 

Take a look at their testimonials and ask for photos and/or videos of their work. Most likely the company will have a website documenting their work along with references so it’s important to do your homework prior to having the interview. 

When you’re hosting a party it’s vital to serve everyone’s needs and the couple will be happier if they know their guests had an amazing experience. The Uncle’s and Aunty Ji’s could care less what’s on the groom’s Ipod, they want the track that got them on the dance floor back in the 70’s and 80’s, the real blasts from the past. The DJ needs to be capable of playing a wide variety of music in order to attract different sets of guests to break it down on the dance floor.

Presentation goes a long way and today DJ’s can offer more than just their laptop a few speakers. The DJ setup has transformed over the years and couples now have the option to select a DJ that will be in front of an amazing backdrop consisting of LED backdrops, screens, lasers, and state of the art lighting. Stage presentation will fascinate your guests and set the ambiance for the evening from the outset. Taking the full technological package can be pricey but has the potential to take your reception to another level.

It’s better to create a lengthy list of potentials and find someone that will embody your vision than to hire someone who you’re not entirely comfortable with. Have in-person interviews and from there you 

will know which DJ fits best. The type of music you choose will solidify a theme and will be remembered by your guests, particularly when the music is bad. Avoid the consequence and take your time when selecting a DJ for your wedding reception.