If you are having a Vedic wedding ceremony, the mandap will definitely be the focal point of your wedding and be in a lot of the pictures. Here are some tips on choosing the right wedding mandap.

choosing a wedding mandap

1) Styling 

Be sure to choose a mandap that matches the overall theme of your wedding. If your theme has been modern-romantic, an open air mandap w/ fresh flowers is a much better choice than a dome shaped one w/ lots of traditional touches.

2) Size

‚ÄčTalk to your fiance and family about how many people will need to fit in the mandap area, and then work w/ your decorating team to choose the right size.

3) Seating

Traditionally, the bride and groom would sit on the floor during the ceremony, but that has changed over the years. Research your options for stools or low chairs. Look for something comfy!

4) Lighting

Talk to your photographer before agreeing to lighting around or within the mandap. Twinkle lights might enhance the ambiance and decor of your event, but ruin the quality of your pictures.

5) Cost

Quite often mandap rental is an additional fee above hall decor. Be sure to talk to your decorator about what is included. We think the mandap is a good place to splurge since it will be a focal point of your wedding.