Last week we talked about what to pack in your makeup bag if you are headed to the tropics for your honeymoon, but what about taking care of your locks in the heat and humidity? A lot of desi girls have thick hair which is prone to frizz and fly-aways in a hot locale. While we don't want you to waste time taming your hair when you should be relaxing, we do have some tips on what to take along to make sure you are beach selfie ready!

Before we tell you what to pack, here's what you definitely don't need to take along; a blow dryer and a hair straightener. We like to give our hair a break from all the heated styling tools while we travel, plus they are such a hassle to carry along. Most hotels have a basic hair dryer, and packing a straightener means you'll need to buy a voltage adapter - just let it go, your hair is going to be wet all the time anyway. 

So what do you need ...

High Quality Leave in Conditioner
Chlorine from the pool and salt water from the ocean are not good for your hair. Even if you don't shampoo frequently while on holiday, use some leave in conditioner every few days

Wide Tooth Comb
You hair is going to get knots and it's going to be wet all the time. A wood tooth comb causes the least damage when you are brushing it out.

Sea Salt Spray
We know this is contradictory to what we said about about ocean water, but a little bit of a targeted sea salt spritz can give you a tousled on purpose, beachy wave look for a night out with the new Mr.

Lots of Hair Accessories
Normally over-packing is not something we encourage, but when it comes to hair accessories on a beach holiday go all out. Nothing makes a bad hair day feel better than a fancy head wrap or peacock feather headband! Be sure to take plenty of bobby pins and hair ties to pull your hair up in a pinch.