Involve your groom in wedding planning
 First and foremost, congratulations! You’re about to turn the page on one of the most important chapters in your life. Marriage is a lifelong commitment but it involves a boat load of preparations when it comes to party planning. On the surface, the bride-to-be takes the lead when it comes to planning but there are some ways to balance the workload and get the groom involved. 

Hear me out guys! There are a handful of people who believe that men love to stay hands-free throughout the process and simply show up in the mandap and get married. It’s quick and stress free, but that’s not always the case.

Let’s start off with entertainment. This is an area you definitely want the groom to showcase their creativity and have an opinion on how the reception party should run. We as men are concerned with the party and how our guests will enjoy themselves when the drinks are pouring and the music is playing. Ladies, allow the groom to select the DJ Company and take the lead on the various genres of music to play during the party. Of course the bride needs to have some input in this area but if we’re hoping to balance the duties, this is the area where the bride can take a step back. Music is the essence of a successful party, and will do more than anything else to set the mood and tone of your wedding reception.

Drinks anyone? The groom should take the lead on what is being served behind the bar. It’s no surprise that the male gender inhabits the bar during receptions and with that being said, the groom will have the best perspective on the drink selection. This is a chance for the groom to be imaginative and include various drink recipes that are usually not accessible at receptions. Martini bars, a diverse selection of wine, or even beer testers, all ideas that will surely be appreciated by your guests. 

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you’ve all heard the phrase. Trust me, we’re always hungry…

In other words, let the groom have a bigger role on the menu. Some would argue that food is the most important part of your wedding reception - after all if everyone is well fed with a great cocktail, they're sure to have a good time. Think about a midnight snack to serve to your guests, possibly some diner food such as burgers and fries. Keep it simple and fun, two qualities that the man has no problem taking on face to face. Oh and you can’t forget about the wedding cake. Another area where the bride does not have to be involved in, plus the groom would love to participate in a few cake testers, you know, to ensure it’s the right choice. Don’t worry ladies; we won’t pick an ice cream cake.

The dollars and cents… The next category is not as exciting but it holds just as much value, if not more. The wedding budget

Sounds dreadful but it controls the amount of costs that goes into the big day. Simply put, the man wants to be in charge of the money and fully aware of the spending that is involved. It’s an area that would add stress for the bride, although she needs to be aware of how much is being spent, she doesn’t need to be crunching numbers weeks before the ceremony. It’s a big responsibility that will take a big load off the bride-to-be. 

Involve your groom in wedding planning

Communication is the key to success in planning that special wedding. From the man’s perspective, it’s essential to be calm and collected during the process and ensure to lend a helping hand when needed. We know it’s a special day for the bride but it’ s also a moment that is shared with the groom and that’s why we as men can contribute in various ways to ensure it’s a party that will forever be remembered. While centerpieces and color themes may not be our expertise, there are areas where the responsibilities can shift, and in turn, ease the stress for everyone. Good luck to those men embarking on planning the special day and be sure to get involved in those areas listed above. If all else sure to smile in every photo!

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Images By: Ravi Gill, One Up Design

Text By: Ronil Desai
Born and raised in Vancouver, leading and teaching others are qualities that illustrate Ronil. After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a BA in Communications and a Cooperative Education certificate, Ronil is now working towards a career in Media after graduating from BCIT's Journalism program. He's a sports fanatic, a dancer, a hopeless romantic, and loves to talk... He's the oldest of 14 grandchildren, in other words, Ronil is also a professional baby-sitter.