If you’re having a traditional Punjabi wedding, chance are you will have at least one, and possibly two ‘maiyan’ ceremonies. The maiyan ceremony is a pre-wedding cleansing ritual for brides and grooms, and also marks the traditional confinement period. Once the vatna (gram flour scrub) is on your skin, it’s considered inauspicious to leave the house before your wedding.

To help you prepare for the maiyan ceremony, we’ve run down a list of items you’ll need for this ceremony:

What you need:

  • Coloured rice and powder to make a rangoli design.
  • Patri (wooden seat – low to the ground) decorated with fabric and embellishments for the bride to sit on.
  • A small piece of wood (approx. 12” x 6”) covered with red decorative cloth for the bride to put her feet on.
  • Phulkari (traditional Punjabi dupatta) with coins tied to one corner. Check with and elder for the exact amount of money the coins should add up to – each family may have different views on this.
  • Gana (traditional red thread). You may want to buy a special gana for the bride with extra embellishments.
  • A tray or thal to carry all of the required items.
  • Vatna paste (check out our video on how to make vatna)
  • Take some time to gather all the materials you’ll need for the maiyan ceremony before the wedding  so there is no need to rush around before the maiyan.