With the expense of a wedding being so high, sometimes people find it hard to justify spending money on a professional Makeup Artist. You may already know how to do your own makeup or have a sister or friend that is offering to do it for you so you think, why pay for a professional artist? The answer is quite simple, relaxation, convenience, experience; and educations are some key skills a profession artist is armed with.

A professional artist is not only trained in applying flawless, long lasting makeup, they are also there to make you feel at ease. The last thing you need on your wedding day is to stress about making sure your hair and makeup looks good. It’s important to look and feel your best on your big day and you don’t need to be stressing over your eyelashes not staying in place!  Professional artist see the beauty in all faces and will work with you to create polished looks that best compliment your features & personality. A trained profession is up to date with the latest trends and can help you achieve those looks without dating the styles, creating looks that you will enjoy for years to come.

Professional artist understand how different factors will affect the look of your makeup and will work with you to create a style that will look amazing in any light or environment. Equipped with the right tools and products, a professional will ensure you look just as good in person as you do on film without making you look overdone or “cakey”. They carry a comprehensive makeup kit consisting of long lasting, waterproof and pro products to achieve a flawless finish that will last throughout the day.

Education and experience are some of the most important benefits of hiring a professional. Professional artist will have years of experience in the art of makeup. They have extensive experience in working with all skin types & tones and are trained in covering up those pesky acne scars, blemishes or any other imperfection you want hidden.

It’s important to have a professional opinion on you wedding day. Being such an emotional & exciting day you may get nervous or feel there’s not enough time to apply your own makeup. A professional will schedule a trial prior to your wedding. This will allow you to discuss details about your wedding day as well as show your artist styles you like to help put together the perfect look for your wedding.

There will be plenty of other things to do on your wedding day. You’ve already put some much work into planning the perfect ceremony, hiring all the right people from venue to caterer and everything in-between. It’s time to allow a professional makeup artist to help you really sit back, relax and get papered. You deserve it!

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