One of the best parts of developing a new business online is all the amazing people you get to ‘meet’ and connect with on social media. Last year we stumbled onto the bespoke designs from Ananya Cards, who have been awarded Best Invitations UK and Best Invitations Worldwide at the Wedding Industry Expert Awards. Not a shabby resume!

Ananya Cards is known for its original and distinctive stationery. The designs are inspired by traditional Asian designs but are interpreted with a new, modern twist to appeal to the more cosmopolitan, multicultural client.


We had the opportunity to ask the master designer behind Ananya, Vaishali Shah for her tips on choosing wedding stationery, here’s her list:

  • Don’t compromise on the quality of the stationery. Remember that your wedding stationery sets the tone for your wedding – it speaks volumes about you as a couple  and gives your guests the first glimpse of the wedding. The cost of stationery is a much smaller percentage of the overall budget compared to the cost of the venue, outfits for the various celebrations, flowers, decorations, etc.
  • Once you have worked out your budget, allow an additional 10% for unexpected expenses, last minute guests or if you make any mistakes whilst writing out the invitations. Quality should never be compromised; go for as high quality as your budget allows.
  • As a unique statement of you as a couple, your invitation should incorporate important elements meaningful to you - whether it’s a particular motif or swatch of fabric. There should be uniformity across all stationery to give it a sense of cohesion and harmony like the theme, typeface and cardstock.
  • Stationery that has creative use of fonts, colours and textures can create a WOW factor. Cards encrusted with embellishments make them come alive and add that all important touch of glamour and sparkle. Choose embellishments that match colours from your wedding outfit. Crystals come in a variety of sizes and colours so you’re sure to find the perfect ones.
  • Monograms have become an increasingly popular way of personalising and giving that extra touch of individuality and class to wedding stationery. They can be adapted for use in a variety of ways to suit the couple’s requirements, while remaining unique to them. Starting with the ‘save the date’ card, the monogram will set the tone of the wedding. While the colour scheme can change through the suite of wedding stationery, the monogram can be imaginatively interwoven, giving continuity and harmony to the various items of stationery. Why not include a monogram in the ceremony booklet; and how about putting it in strategic places in the mandap? Talk about making an impression!
  • Your wedding stationery is an investment in your dream wedding. Bespoke stationery designers can create the look that's right for you, something store bought cards cannot do. Many offer a seamless service which encompasses everything from designing to printing.
  • Bespoke wedding stationery means no one wedding invitation will be the same as the next, providing you with pure exclusivity.

About Ananya Designs:

Ananya offers a bespoke as well as a pre-designed service. Our pre-designed stationery is elegant, contemporary and varied, and consists of a range of designs, colours and styles to suit every taste. You have the freedom to have the colours modified to co-ordinate with your wedding theme.

Our bespoke designs have you as the focus from concept to completion. We aim to make your individuality and personality shine through by creating a theme around it and carrying it into every element of your stationery. Our range includes save the date cards, wedding invitations, booklets, programmes, seating plans, place cards, menus, personalised stationery, money envelopes and personal monograms.

Please contact Vaishali Shah at Ananya to discuss your wedding stationery in more detail.