Okay ladies, this is a post you’ll want to share with your soon to be Mr. or, you can read on and surprise him with a classic car rental for your big day. Just an idea…

We all know that Indian weddings are done on a big scale, they are glamorous, and no detail is overlooked – yet we see people renting the same type of vehicle over and over for the wedding day. Since many brides and grooms are going back to vintage looks, classic outfits, and even more traditional themes for the overall wedding, a classic car seems like a better fit in so many ways.


It was the same type of thought that prompted Sukhi Sangha to start Classic Car Rentals. Thanks to his good friend Harman Mann, who gave him the idea and encouraged him. Even as a full time student running another business, Sukhi could see a gap in the market; no one was renting out classic cars.


If you are not a car buff you might be wondering what the big deal is, quite simply you’ll make a statement with your entrance. Most wedding guests will be expecting a town car, a limo, or maybe a hummer, imagine their reaction when you pull up in a classic Mustang. Also, if you’ve spent a lot of time planning a wedding that highlights your personality, don’t pick a ‘plain jane’ car, you deserve better.

Another really cool bonus of renting a classic car; it makes a great photo prop. Give your photographer the heads up that you are going to be riding in style and they can plan some really neat shots inside the car or with the car in the background – you could even plan an engagement shoot around a classic car, something a little different than everyone else.

If you decide to go with a classic car, you need to talk to Sukhi Sangha at Classic Car Rentals; this isn’t just his business, it’s his passion. He spent months researching the industry and choosing the perfect vehicles before jumping in, and he will do everything he can to make your experience perfect. Check out their vendor profile for more details or visit http://facebook.com/classiccarrentals1