Most Indian weddings have some form of live entertainment – whether it’s singing, dancing, or a special family performance, it’s come to be expected by guests that they will be entertained. At the same time, planning entertainment for your various wedding events can be stressful for brides and grooms. You want something that appeals to a range of guests (young and old), gets people into the party mood, and is fun to watch – why not include Middle Eastern Belly dancing in your event?


Our preferred vendor Rahel has been performing since 2003 and teaching the art of belly dance since 2007. Rahel's exciting, dynamic and tasteful belly dance performances are just the right ingredient to spice up any event and give your special day that little something extra. Her performances aren’t limited to your reception either, why not bring a little fun to your sangeet party and give your Aunties an impromptu dance lesson? Or you could include Rahel in your bridal shower or girl’s night out. Or maybe you are looking for a fun way to get in shape before the big day; Rahel has your entertainment, fitness and fun covered.


An important aspect to consider when booking entertainment is how long it will last? Rahel offers special customizable packages for weddings and bridal showers with a typical performance length of 25 minutes. This offers enough time for your guests to get settled, getting into the rhythm of the performance, and also getting pumped up for the dance floor.