If there is one thing Indians like to talk about more than what people wore at weddings, it’s the food! What was served, how much was served, and was it hot? Don’t disappoint your guests at the buffet table; try incorporating one of these trends into your wedding feast.

Fun sized food: 
Everything looks fancier when it’s in miniature; why not send out fun-sized appetizers to get the party started? Think cocktail samosas, mini donuts, and bite sized quiche. 


Fusion fare: 
If you really want to impress your guests, serve up a menu of continental or western foods with a desi vibe. How about a masala burger, Indian style sushi, or if you are extra courageous vodka shots with gol gappas for the bar crowd?


Upgrade the non-alcoholic beverages: 
We all know how it works – drinkers (mainly uncles) at the bar, and everyone else gets to choose from cold chai, orange crush, or some cola drink. How about serving up chai tea lattes, or flavoured lassi for the non-drinkers? Or grab some pike place roast to go from Starbucks….I’d be talking about your wedding for weeks!


Create interactive stations: 
Move beyond the ‘chaat’ buffet set –up, add a make your own smores station or a cupcake bar, and maybe build your own baby burgers for the kids?


Switch up the dessert options – pretty please 
Let’s all say no too overly sweet ‘ras malai’ and ice cream with noodles once and for all okay? Knock our socks off with chai spice donuts, ‘pista’ flavoured cake pops or ice cream sandwiches made with parle g cookies. Think outside the ice cream bucket.

Late Night Bites 
How about surprising your guests with some post dance snacks? After burning off their dinner on the dance floor your guests will be thrilled to munch on mini franks, nacho bites, and egg rolls (especially the drinkers!)