Seating arrangements is a part of any wedding or engagement reception; arrangement can bring a lot of difference and are sometimes ignored while conducting the function. A beautiful and orderly arrangement brings an atmosphere of serenity while a badly managed one can create mess. For those who have gone through the process of organizing a reception very well know the challenges behind seating.

The very basic challenge is to arrange seats in the available space constraints such that it doesn’t affect the movement of guests or obstruct their view towards the central dais. When there is a disturbance in movement the guest do get naturally disturbed.  The space in the passage has to gulp not only the normal guest movement but also any surge in the number of guests.

The number of guests attending the function can be a real reason for nightmare; we can never know for sure how many would be actually attending. There could be an increase when your friend decides to have another friend or your relatives pull up their friends and relatives and nevertheless to say surprises from uninvited old age friends or colleagues. Also there could be last minute cancellations of attending the reception due to emergencies or any personal issue. Whatever the reason be, it is we who suffer, have to find new table assignments for unwelcomed guests that too near the ones they have come up with, or maybe have unoccupied chairs in the frontal rows out of the guests who have failed to turn up.

The solution to the challenges is to anticipate these events and plan accordingly. You must leave space in each row or table to fit these extra guests and should be able to do last minute assignments and reassignments.

Guests tend to roam about, may be to find their assigned seat or exchange pleasantries with other guests. These roaming create lot of confusion and can cause terrible headaches. The easy way to handle this is to have guides controlling the guests to the seats, arranging seats alphabetically and guides showing cards denoting alphabetic seating arrangements.

The guests can sometimes be very choosy with seats, they may not like the seats offered and would like to move to some new seats pouring water over our seating plans. The reasons of the guest of not liking are usually illogical and weird. As the ‘Guest is king’ we are obliged to heed to them and satisfy them to their best.

Here are a few tips you can use to prioritize seating arrangements:
  • Create a head a table for the bride and the groom, they should sit side by side.
  • The table close to the newlywed couple should be assigned to close family and friends
  • Place name cards on each table to help guests find their seats.
  • Allow people who know each other to sit together.
  • If possible, create a separate area for kids and teenagers who are familiar with each other.
  • Always, have extra tables and chairs, to accommodate extra guests.
  • Make sure your wedding planner or an assigned person have a list of the guests and their respective seating.