A Hen Night is a party planned for a bride-to-be whereas a Stag Night is the one held for a groom-to-be, shortly before their wedding is scheduled. Since it is the last free hours the groom and bride will have their respective friends before they enter wedlock, the bride and the groom are given the freedom to enjoy as much as possible. Usually hosted by the close friend of groom and bride, the party is often strictly restricted to ‘men’s only,’ and ‘women’s only’ participants for Stag and Hen night respectively. There is no hard and fast rule related to the age of the friends who participate in these parties. Married men and married women too can take part, to make the moment enjoyable for the soon-to-be couple. Like in other things, there are service providers for holding Stag or Hen Party. They help choose themes and arrange the programme.

Very often, the Stag Night means boozing and enjoy belly dancing and so on. Since chances of boozing is on the higher side and even otherwise, because of the possible programmes that could make one tired, Stag Night is now preferred to be held at least a week before the wedding. However, contrary to the olden days, Stag and Hen night are considered as the time to bond with friends since ages and have a blast. There are people who consider these events as a waste of time, but not all have the same school of thought. Those with a good circle of friends may want to meet them or relieve their wedding pressure before they enter a new world. Hence, in a way, a stag or hen night becomes necessary to cheer the bride and the groom for a new life.

Although it is often referred as a stag or hen night, it could also be turned as a stag or hen weekend. Planning something unusual, depending on the interest of the bride and the groom. For men and women who love sports, plan a golf day, white water rafting, yacht sailing or mud wrestling. Or you may add treasure hunting, wine tasting, comedy show or let the bride and the groom in the pleasure of a spa or massage. If you have an entire day, you can even plan for a one-day tour to a beach, a hill station or to an unknown place.

When done within limits and based on pure comradeship, a stag or hen night will eventually be listed as on the most remembered events prior to the fun-filled colored wedding ceremony. And if you decide to boycot stag or hen night from your pre-wedding list, it still is fine, as it is not a compulsory pre-wedding event.