With the family and friends, now often spread over different cities, countries and continents, guests from arriving from out of town have become a common phenomenon than ever before. Wedding is the best day of your life, and an Indian wedding could mean, the celebrations spread over multiple days too. It is the duty of the bride and the groom and their respective families to make sure, the arrangements for the guests from other places are in perfect order. Here are tips to play the perfect hosts:

Confirm the number of guests who would be attending the wedding. You need to know the exact numbers to book rooms in advance. Try to book the rooms at least six months early or else as soon as you fix the wedding date and confirm the guests. If you can't arrange accommodation for your closest family members in your house or in your common relative's house, choose a hotel near your house or the wedding location. Also, compile a list of hotels and rental car information. Keep this information handy, in case unexpected guests arrive at the last minute. You wouldn't want them to run around without the name of hotels in your city or car rentals. Along with booking rooms, you should also book car/bus in advance, to arrive at the wedding hall. Perhaps, you could get the transportation service as well from the hotel itself. Bulk booking could help save money.

Although it isn't necessary to provide accommodation, food and transportation to all, if finances permit, it would be a great way to pay yourself for the guests. 
For many, this could be their first trip to your location, especially if you have moved to another city, away from relatives and friends. They may also like to see around the city, if they have extra time. You can prepare a list of places to see - museums, parks, places of worship, best places to shop and dine.

But, if you have pre-wedding ceremony's too, make sure arrangements are made for the guests to be in the spot (your house, hotel, or elsewhere) for the event. They would love to be involved in the festivities. If you have several guests from other cultures, it may probably be a good idea, to come up with a handy note talking about your culture, wedding ceremonies etc, so that they know what to expect and doesn't feel let out from a new world of festivities.

Another idea is to create a website, giving an introduction about you and your spouse, specialities of the city where the wedding is to be held, how to reach the wedding venue, hotel and restaurant information, places to see and all those information, that is likely to interest your guest.

You can even prepare a kids-only gift to keep them engaged while their parents can chill out during the wedding ceremony. There may be even people, like the aged or who like to stay back in the hotel during leisure hours instead of seeing places. Why not prepare a small fun-filled package, may be a game itself, for them. It should thrill your guests!

In short, as a host, it is your duty to entertain them while they travel all the way from their city to yours, just for sharing your joy during the greatest moment of your life!