grooms guide to groomingBrides have always took the extra effort to look their best on their wedding day. They spent weeks and months before the D-day for that perfect look. But, men often neglect their grooming for the big day in their life. If you belong to this category of 'I don't-care-much' attitude, it is time you change your thoughts. And for those who already think grooming is essential, here are tips to make it even better.

Skin Care: Your bride has taken extra care to look beautiful. You have to match with her skin - so why skip to look stunning on the wedding day? Cleanse your face with a good cleanser. This will help remove all dirt from your skin. Post this, use a good toner to close the pores and remove excess oil from your skin. Finally, use a good moisturizer to re-hydrate your skin. And make an appointment with the parlour to get a professional facial before the wedding day.

Body Hair: Women tend to wax their hands and legs. For men, the focus is on nose and ear hair. Remove them with priority. Also, get rid of armpit hair. Reducing hair reduces odour.

Hair Cut & Hair Styling: Agree, you have to a new hair cut that will give you the best shot. But, what if your partner-to-be doesn't like your new look. She was initially attracted to your present hair style and can't accept the new one? Instead of giving her a shock on the D-day, try a new hairstyle, a month before the ceremony. May be you can have a chat with her before heading for a new hair cut. And if it doesn't suit you or your partner feels so, you will have plenty of time to go for the much approved hair cut. You should also give that extra shine to your hair. Condition your hair once or twice a week. You should also solve if you are facing hair fall or dandruff issues.

Shaving: Go for a simple silky and smooth shave. Use the hair conditioner to massage on your web unruly stubble. Leave for five minutes before rinsing with warm water. Once done, apply shaving cream and shave with a sharp razor. Or like in other cases, get a professional shaving.

Manicure & Pedicure: Wedding is the day, when everyone will notice you from head to toe. Don't leave any part of the body from dressing up. Not to mention, hands and legs have a special place. So, get a professional manicure and pedicure done before the celebration day.

Oral Hygiene: Oral hygiene is important to keep your teeth white and smell fresh. Use a mouthwash regularly. Whiten your teeth to shine while you smile for the photographs!

Now, dash off for a heavenly grooming before that ever-lasting best moments of your life.