how to choose makeup artistImagine the picture perfect image of you and your partner. Who wouldn’t want to look their best on their wedding day. To look good, you need to dress yourself at your best, including the make-up. To retain your make-up and to look good on you during the entire ceremony, you have to hire someone to do it for you. Here is one part of the ceremony, you can’t risk cutting money as it is tricky to makeup on your own. 
A professional makeup artist can give you the perfect touch to your face, hair, wedding attire and the perfect match that suits your wedding theme. How do you know you are hiring a makeup artist that will work well for you? Check out our tips before you hire a makeup artist.

  • Ask for her portfolio. A good makeup artist will have a portfolio that speaks of her skills, to create different style for brides, according to their requirements and theme. Find a list of makeup artists in your area at indianwedding website
  • Do a background check to confirm the makeup artist’s authenticity related to her experience. You can also ask her directly for 2-3 addresses of her clients, so that you can listen to their experience.
  • Discuss the brands the makeup artist will use for makeup. If you are allergic to any particular product or brand, let her know beforehand.
  • You needn’t leave every single decision to the makeup artist. It is your wedding day. If you have idea of how you should look on the wedding day, share it with the makeup artist.
  • Choose a makeup that will look good on you, in person and in pictures. For confirmation, ask your makeup artist to do a trail run one or two days prior to your wedding day.
  • Discuss and confirm if the makeup artist will come to your place or if you have to visit their parlour. It is better to choose a makeup artist, who is willing to come over as you can avoid the last minute running around..
  • Professional makeup artists will suggest a makeup that will suit you and matches your attire and jewellery.
  • Since you are going to spend a good amount of time with the makeup artist, assure you have a comfortable interaction zone with her.
  • It is important, as in other cases, to discuss her rates. You need to know if the person you hire fits within your budget for the discussed and agreed kind of makeup.